Mini Retreats

Yoga and Gong Bath

  • Yoga
  • Gong bath
  • Vegetarian lunch
  • Parinati card reading
  • Teas & treats

Relax and bathe yourself in sound, healing aromas, gentle meditative movement and breath work.

A gong bath immerses the body and mind in the sounds and vibrations of this ancient shamanic instrument. As the sound waves of multiple gongs wash over you, the tones will resonate through your body, releasing physical, mental, and emotional blocks, clearing old patterns and moving energy. The gong has therapeutic value as it takes you to a deeply healing place, penetrating and dissolving thoughts, relieving stress and stimulating the immune system.

To prepare you for this magical, transformational experience, we will start the morning with a gentle restorative yoga practice and create a beautiful space for you to release, let go and just BE.

Charlotte & the tribe.