Mini Retreats

Spring Retreat

  • Yoga
  • Vegetarian lunch
  • Parinati card reading
  • Teas & treats

Can you feel it in the air? Spring…The promise of longer days, warmth and sunshine. The feeling that something magical is waiting just around the corner!

As the transformation of Winter into Spring reminds us of the ever changing nature of life, we offer a space to connect to your roots, establish stability and nurture expansion and growth.

Through a beautiful flowing yoga practice, we twist out the toxins and cleanse and feel empowered and awakened as we salute the sun.

Time to shake out the sluggishness of Winter and invite an abundance of renewed energy and freshness to rise up! Breath-work to raise your vibrations and ending with a blissful restorative yoga session and sound bath to absorb and revive.

Charlotte & the tribe.