What is yoga? The word literally means to yolk, to unite, to bring connection. The practice of yoga is an ongoing journey of discovery, never really complete. A practice of continually aligning and restoring the self, our values, and our connection. Particularly when we have chosen to live within society, we have to keep practising our re-connect due to the complicated structures and distractions around us. 

If you are new to this practice of yoga, the above may sound quite hefty and intimidating so we start slowly, we begin by opening the door back to the self to reconnect with our breath, our body and start to regain a little composure and perhaps control over the mind.

I always try to teach from a space of respect for the lineage of this practice, we have some profound masters that have shared their wisdom and enabled us to take this path. Using pranayama (breathwork), mantra (affirmation), mudra (gesture), meditation techniques,  Sankalpa (intention) to help establish a deep unity within. My offering is to teach the student more than just movement.

Menopause Yoga & Wellbeing Monthly Workshops coming soon – Devon!

These workshops will offer an intimate and safe space in which women can find support, acknowledgement and an honouring of their own Menopause journey while helping others on their path by exchanging shared wisdom. Thankfully the taboo surrounding the Menopause is now beginning to lift and women are recognising the importance of being educated and informed about this natural transition that every woman will go through in her mid life.

Menopause yoga is an inclusive and accessible form of yoga designed specifically for women in any stage of Menopause from Perimenopause (when physical, mental and emotional changes first start to appear) to Post Menopause. A unique therapeutic style incorporating elements of Hatha, Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa yoga as well as breathing, relaxation and mindful meditation techniques chosen specifically to help understand and manage the symptoms of Menopause (overwhelm, fatigue, anger, hot flushes, anxiety, brain-fog, low mood, insomnia to name but a few) as well as providing a positive approach to this stage of life and supporting emotional and physical wellbeing. An opportunity to pause, nurture and nourish!

Each 2-hour session will include;

A cup of herbal tea on arrival

A space where you can talk freely about what’s been happening for you and hear from others

Yoga postures, breath practices, and guided meditations.  

A deep relaxation and head massage to close

No previous yoga experience required. Contact me to register your interest.


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Retreats & Workshops

Prioritise time to be still with yourself and to give to yourself.

Mini Retreat | Wellbeing Morning, Instow, North Devon

Sunday, 24th July | 10-12.30

Ollie & Charlotte will share a morning of Qigong and Yin Yoga. An opportunity to experience both of these healing and relaxing practices. Suitable for all levels ~ Beginners welcome.

Ollie will guide us through our Qigong session. Practised standing, the main focus of this healing art is relaxation; about sinking deeper into relaxation while moving… mindful movement. It is an excellent way to release tension out of the body and calm the mind at the same time.

Charlotte will share a calming Yin yoga session. Yin is gentle, embodied movement, focussing on stimulating and compressing deep connective tissues in the body through long holds. A passive and contemplative practice in which poses are held for 3-5 minutes. Supporting the body with cushions, blankets and other props and will include restorative resonance breathwork, this is an opportunity for you to slow down and move inward.

We will end the morning with a beautiful relaxation session; Yoga Nidra accompanied by the sounds of the handpan and koshi chimes. Opportunity to stay and chat to us over a cup of ginger tea.

Yin Yoga For The Heart