Mindfulness Meditation

~ 4 Week Online Course ~

Starting Wednesday 10th March at 6.30-7.00pm (GMT). This course will run for 4 weeks and will be delivered via Zoom. Available to purchase as a course for £20 or drop-in for £6 per session. This course is included in the Immerse Class Pass (you can opt to swap for a private yoga session).

All live sessions will be recorded and available for you to upload and refer to at your own time and pace (only I will be visible in recordings).

You will be guided through the foundations of mindfulness meditation. There’s no one style of meditation that is “best” or fits all people. We will explore different tools and techniques that will help you establish a daily practice that is rich and transformative. The most important thing to remember is to approach your practice with a friendly, curious, non-judgmental attitude.

You will embark on a journey that can deeply transform and enrich your life

Feel calmer and less stressed
Hone your focus
Develop greater presence
Learn tools and strategies to create a sustainable home practice
Integrate daily mindful habits


The Power of Mindfulness

  • Foundations of meditation
  • PAUSE practice


Coming Home to Presence

  • Expanding the field of awareness
  • BODY SCAN practice
  • Naming sensations


Weather the Storm

  • Practising with EMOTIONS
  • RAIN
  • Navigating challenges


Riding the Waves

  • Not believing everything you think
  • Riding the waves of distraction
  • Self-soothing
Attitude is everything. While there are many meditative strategies, what makes the difference is your quality of sincerity. Rather than adding another “should” to your list, choose to practice because you care about connecting with your innate capacity for love, clarity and inner peace. Trust that if you are sincere in your intention towards being awake and openhearted, that in time your practice will carry you home to a sense of wholeness and freedom.

Create a space for your meditation practice. It’s helpful to find a relatively quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. It can also be helpful to use the same place each time because the association of that place has the potential to help you to settle into your meditation more quickly.

Alertness is one of the two essential ingredients in every meditation. Sit on a chair, cushion, or lean against the wall, tall and balanced as possible. A sense of openness and receptivity is the second essential ingredient in every meditation, and it is supported by intentionally relaxing areas of tension. Around an erect posture, let the rest of your skeleton and muscles hang freely. Let the hands rest comfortably on your knees or lap. Let the eyes close, or if you prefer, leave the eyes open, the gaze soft and receptive.

Use props to support you. A blanket to wrap around you in the Winter months.

Bring a cuppa and an open mind & heart.

“Stay together, friends. Don’t scatter and sleep. Our friendship is made of being awake.”